10 Most Frequently Asked Questions When Completing a Time & Effort Report
1) Who needs to fill out a Time & Effort (T&E) Report?
  • Any faculty, unclassified staff or graduate student who have been paid from a Federal award or associated cost share, needs to fill out a T&E report.
2) Why do I have to complete a T&E report?
  • Federal Grant Management regulations require that T&E's be completed for work performed on projects funded by the federal government.
3) If my employee on the T&E is not available for signature, can I sign for him/her as a PI?
  • Yes, you can sign for your employee under this situation as long as you have first-hand knowledge of how much time he/she worked on your grant as a percentage of all his/her work related activities.
4) If I work on more than one federal grant during the semester, do I have to complete a form for each grant?
  • Only one report per semester is required which would include all grants that you worked on during the semester. As long as all grants are listed on the T&E report for the semester, you do not need to complete a T&E report for each grant.
5) If I am the PI on the grant and work on the grant, and serve as the Department Chair, do I sign on both the employee signature line and the PI/Chair signature line?
  • Yes, you would sign on both lines as both the employee and the PI/Chair. If the PI is not the Dept. Chair, then the PI should sign on the employee line and have the Dept Chair sign on the appropriate line.
6) What does contributed effort mean?
  • Contributed effort is the percent of time actually worked on the project minus the percent of time based on salary or wages actually charged to your grant and/or cost share. You are responsible for tracking this time and it is subject to audit at any time.
7) How do I track my effort worked on a federal grant?
  • You should track your time using a suitable means of verification. Some examples of “suitable means” are, but not limited to: 1) Google or electronic calendar, 2) electronic spreadsheet or 3) written log or journal.
8) I work more than 40 hours per week! When I fill out the T&E report, do I base it on a 40 hour work week?
  • Your effort charged to a grant should NOT be based on a 40 hour work week. Rather it should be based on the percent of your time devoted to that activity regardless of the total number of hours per week you work. The reported percent effort devoted to an activity should be the average effort you spent during the semester that it took to complete 100% of your overall semester activities.
9) Should my T&E report include jobs worked outside of Miami?
  • Your T&E report should only contain duties related to your employment at Miami. These may include: sponsored project activities, administration (including Chair, Dean, etc), instructional or clinical activities, departmental research not paid by an outside funding source and any additional student jobs within the University.
10) Why didn’t I get a form for all of my employees who worked on the grant?
  • A list of all employees that need to complete a report and a blank copy of the T&E form are provided to you each semester. You are responsible for making copies of the blank T&E form provided to you for any employee (faculty, unclassified staff or graduate student) who was paid from your grant during the semester.



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This document was last modified on February 12, 2016 .