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Grants and Contracts
Grants and Contracts
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Our Purpose

The Grants and Contracts Office conducts the centrally organized administrative, business and financial functions related to post-award grant and contract administration and assists faculty, principal investigators and their administrators in the management of individually sponsored projects consistent both with Miami University's academic and research policies and with the stewardship requirements of and obligations to external sponsors.

Who, What and Where

The Grants and Contracts Office is located in Roudebush Hall at 501 East High Street. We are part of the Controller's Office and you can find easy access to other Controller's Office departments on the links at the left. Click on Grants and Contracts in the phone list below and you will be able to send an email to this office. From any screen within this website, click on Contact Us in the upper right corner and you will also be able to email us.

Functional Area/Department Phone (513) Fax (513) Location
Grants and Contracts 529.5405 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Arts and Science 529.1790 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Business Administration 529.5405 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Cash Requests 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Direct Student Loan Draws 529.1668 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Education, Health & Society 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Engineering and Applied Science 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush

Facilities and Administrative Cost Distribution (Overhead)

529.5405 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Federal Grants (excluding Hamilton/Middletown campuses, Educational Psychology/Teacher Education Departments, and Botany) 529.1790 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Fine Arts 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Geology 529.1668 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Hamilton Campus 529.1668 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Western Program 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Middletown Campus 529.1668 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Perkins Reconciliation 529.1790 529.0441 7 Roudebush
Time and Effort Reports 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush
University Library 529.2848 529.0441 7 Roudebush

This document was last modified on December 10, 2013 .