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Personal Banner Menu

Personal Banner Menu

You can set up your own "My Banner" folder on the main Banner screen to create shortcuts to the forms you access the most.


  1. Once in Banner choose File, Preferences, and click on the Menu Settings tab.
  2. Type *PERSONAL into the User Default box to set My Banner as your default folder when Banner opens up each time.
  3. While still in the Preference menu, select Display Options and make sure the "Display Form Name on Menu" box is checked.
  4. Close out of the Preferences form by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
  5. Within your My Banner folder, GUAPMNU should be the only option available.
  6. Open this by double-clicking on it. This is where you will build your menu.
  7. On the left are all Banner program options (objects) along with their descriptions. Find the ones you will use frequently and click on the arrows to add to the right side (which signifies your menu). If you already know the form names you need (FGIBDSR for example), you can just type them on the right side in the blank object field boxes, and they will automatically populate the descriptions.
  8. Save your changes/additions by clicking the disk icon on the toolbar at the far left. Then, close the form.
  9. In order for your changes to be activated, click the Menu option along the upper right side of the main Banner screen or logout of Banner and reopen.