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Banner Finance Monthly Close Schedule

Banner Finance Download to Excel

Explanation: In order to download financial data from Banner to Excel, a few settings in Banner and on your computer must be adjusted.

    1. The Data Extract functionality allows you to save the extracted data in a file on your local computer in a directory that you specify.
    2. In Banner, choose File, Preferences, Display Options. In the “Data Extract” section at the bottom, ensure that “Include Header Row in Data Extract” is selected. This option provides the column labels in your downloaded data – so you don’t have to manually label the columns on the downloaded spreadsheet. Save your changes (File, Save, or click the Save icon in the toolbar).
    3. Click on the Directory Options tab, and look for the first two User Value fields.
    Directory options tab
    4. For PCs only: If you do not have a directory named “temp” on your computer already, you will need to create one. It will need to be located at the root level of your computer. If you choose to use another directory location (ie, C:\working_docs\data_extract) that already exists on your computer, you’ll overwrite the User Value field with the file name and location you wish to use.
    5. Within Banner, on the form containing the data to be downloaded, click Help, Extract Data No Key.
    6. The General WebUtil File Extract window below (screenshot on left) will open. Click the “Save File” button, and you’ll get a message similar to the one shown below in the screenshot on the right. The file name will consist of the Banner form where the data was extracted and the date/time stamp of the extraction.
    7. Click “OK” to complete the save procedure, then click the “Cancel” button to close the General WebUtil File Extract window. The extracted file will not automatically open, you must navigate to it via Excel or your computer’s Explorer function (My Computer, etc.)
    8. For MACs only: In order to locate your extracted file, choose the Go menu from the toolbar and select Computer. Find the Macintosh hard drive icon and click on it. The downloaded file will be there. Choose Excel as the application to use, since the file is in .CSV format.