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Our Purpose

The primary purpose of the Miami University General Accounting Office is to efficiently process accounting transactions and provide accurate, timely internal management information and external financial reports for all financial activity associated with the university in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Additionally, we review and monitor accounting activity to ensure compliance with funding restrictions and tax regulations. Our office will advance strong ethical standards in accordance with NACUBO and AICPA guidelines and maintain documents and reports of the university in a fashion that will allow for the review or audit of financial records and reports as needed or required. We are committed to provide outstanding service to students, university departments, vendors, state agencies and others in our daily operations.

Who, What and Where

The General Accounting Office is located in 107 Roudebush Hall. We are part of the Controller's Office and you can find easy access to other Controller's ffice departments on links at the left. Click on a Functional Area/Department on the phone list below to send an email to the contact person for the functional area indicated. If your inquiry does not fall within one of the areas listed, click the General Accounting contact link.

Functional Area/Department

Phone (513)

Fax (513)


General Accounting 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Student Organization and Agency Funds 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Auxiliary Enterprises 529.6112 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Designated Funds 529.6112 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Education & General Funds 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Expense Transfers 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Interdepartmental Accounting 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Inventory Tracking and Control 529.1789 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Journal Voucher Uploads 529.8063 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Monthly Reports 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Labor Redistribution Requests 529.6112 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Plant Funds 529.1645 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Paper Science and Engineering Foundation 529.6112 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Research Grants & Awards Accounting 529.5405 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Restricted Funds & Gift Accounts 529.6118 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Tax and Compliance 529.2694 529.6124 107 Roudebush
Workshops 529.6112 529.6124 107 Roudebush

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