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Edited 11/12/2010

Dear Students,

This website is designed to assist you in processing check requisitions.  We have listed the different types of check requisitions, and what you need to get them processed.  We hope that it helps.  If you still have questions, please feel free to stop in and see us.  We are located in 107 Roudebush Hall. 

Thank you,

The Accounts Payable Staff

The most common use of a check requisition is the S number.  The S number is the student form of a purchase order.  These are meant to be used with vendors in the Oxford area who will accept them.  You will need to call the vendor to see if they accept them. 

  • When requesting an S number, you always want to over estimate what you think you’ll spend.  In other words, if you think the order will be $100.00, you may want to make the S number for $150.00.  Your account will only be charged what you actually spend. 
  • Remember that the S number cannot be used to purchase Alcohol or Tobacco.  The university does not pay for these items. 
  • Make sure that you keep the S number close.  DO NOT LOSE IT!  If it is lost, anyone can pick it up and use it.  Treat it as if it were cash.  Only give it to those that you trust
  • Be certain which vendor you want the S number issued to.   Once the S number has been issued, the vendor cannot be changed. 
  • When using the S number at a restaurant, please note that the tip may be included on the S number.  However, it cannot exceed 18%.  Be sure to get a copy of the receipt, and write the tip amount on it.  Have the server (or deliver person) initial off on the tip amount. 


Example of S number Check Req


The second most commonly used form of a check requisition is the reimbursement.  This is what you will use when someone in your group purchases something, and you want to pay them back. 

When you turn in a request for reimbursement, you will need the following:

  • The original receipts.  No photo copies or faxes.  A credit card statement alone is not enough. 
  • All receipts have to have proof of payment. In other words, the receipt must say that it was paid with a credit card, check, or cash.
  • If paid with credit card, it needs to show the last four digits of the card.  If it doesn’t, we will need a copy of the credit card statement. 
  • If paid with a check, the receipt needs to have the check number printed on it by the vendor.  If it is not, we will ask for a copy of the cancelled check, or a bank statement to support the charges.

If reimbursing for hotel costs make sure that the person being reimbursed name is on the bill.  If it isn’t, we will be asking for proof of payment.  You will also need to make sure that the hotel bill has a zero balance, and shows the proof of payment. 

When traveling, be sure to deny the additional insurances on rental cars.   The traveler, when on university business, is covered under our blanket insurance policy.  Therefore, the university will not reimburse the additional insurances. 


Example of Reimbursement Req

The third way a check requisition can be used is to pay from an invoice or bill.  This is also the method you would use to pay dues. 

 If paying from an invoice, it will need the following: 

  • Company Name
  • Must say Invoice
  • Needs to be itemized.  We need to be able to see what you bought.
  • Total
  • Remittance Address
  • If a pre-pay is necessary, you will need to get a pro-forma invoice.  

If you are paying dues, you will need the following:

  • Who the check is payable to
  • Amount per person or per club
  • Remittance information
  • If single person charges, list of names

Most of the time, you will not have an invoice for dues.  In this case, give us documentation that shows the amount to be paid.  If it was an email, print it out and attach it.  If you found it on the organizations website, print it out.  Make sure to have someone on the Accounts Payable staff check your documentation before you turn it in.  This will save time and energy on both parts.


Example of Direct Bill Req

The final type of requisition is one for payment of services.  If an individual is to be paid for services such as a massage therapist or a DJ, this is the process that you’re going to use.  This is one of two times you will be able to pay someone without documentation. 

However, you will need the following information:

  • Social Security number is a must!  We won’t process without it.  Banner plus number will not do.
  • Full legal name
  • Home Address-  No P.O. Boxes.
  • Dates of service
  • Explanation of services rendered.

Allow around two weeks for these to be processed.  All of the requisitions have to go through several hands before they are finished.  Please allow plenty of time for it to do so. 

  If there is a contract, it needs to be signed by two parties, the vendor, and a designated person (as follows) at the University.  Your advisor is NOT a signer.  If the contract is $1000.00 or more, it will need to be signed by Kathy Dudley, 2nd floor of Roudebush Hall, or Bill Shawver, Bonham House.  Under $1000.00 needs to be signed by Katie Wilson,Ed.D., Shriver Center, or J.S. Bragg, Shriver Center.  You will also need to have a “Rules for Contracting Routing” form completed and attached. 

If it is a band, and they do not have a federal tax ID, they will have to provide their social security numbers and be paid as individuals, according to IRS guidelines. 

DO NOT pay someone for services out of your own pocket and expect to be reimbursed.  We cannot do this according to IRS guidelines.  There will be NO third party payments.

Example of Payment of Services Requisition

Refunds are the only other time that you can re-pay someone without supporting documentation.  If an individual pays for an event, training, etc. and doesn’t attend, you may choose to refund them. 

You will need their full name, address, and banner plus number. 

In the expense description, you need to tell us why we are refunding the money.

Please make sure that you DO NOT use the term “Reimbursement” for this situation.