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Tax Exemption Certificates

Tax Exemption Certificates

Miami University has applied for tax exemptions in various states based on their state law. If Miami University has been granted an exemption to sales tax on purchases made in a certain state, the certificate will be linked below. If a department is conducting business in another state, it should check below to see if a sales tax exemption applies. The certificate must be filled in (in some cases) and presented to the seller at the time of purchase. For any questions, contact our Tax and Compliance Coordinator, at or (513) 529-2694.

State Sales Use Exemption Certificate Expiration Date Additional Notes
Alabama No Exemption
Alaska No State Sales Tax
Arizona No Exemption
Arkansas No Exemption
California No Exemption
Colorado No Exemption
Connecticut No Exemption
Delaware No State Sales Tax
District of Columbia No Exemption
Florida Exempt Florida Exemption Certificate 11/30/2022
Georgia No Exemption
Hawaii No Exemption
Idaho No Exemption
Illinois Exempt Illinois Exemption Certificate 03/01/2020 Sales Tax ID verification               NOTE: Miami is not tax exempt for Hotel Occupancy Tax
Indiana No Exemption
Iowa No Exemption
Kansas No Exemption
Kentucky Exempt Kentucky Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
Louisiana No Exemption
Maine No Exemption
Maryland No Exemption
Massachusetts Exempt Massachusetts Exemption Certificate 4/15/2025 Must fill in Part 2. Agent Information on pg. 1
Michigan Exempt Michigan Exemption Certificate 01/01/2020 An additional page is required for this exemption certificate. Please request from Customer Support (513-529-9200).
Minnesota No Exemption
Mississippi No Exemption
Missouri Exempt Missouri Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
Montana No State Sales Tax
Nebraska No Exemption
Nevada No Exemption
New Hampshire No State Sales Tax
New Jersey Exempt New Jersey Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
New Mexico No Exemption
New York Exempt New York Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
North Carolina No Exemption
North Dakota No Exemption
Ohio Exempt Ohio Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
Oklahoma No Exemption
Oregon No State Sales Tax
Pennsylvania No Exemption
Rhode Island No Exemption
South Carolina No Exemption
South Dakota No Exemption
Tennessee Exempt Tennessee Exemption Certificate 06/30/2019 Must fill out supplier information at bottom of the form.
Texas Exempt Texas Exemption Certificate Indefinitely
Utah No Exemption
Vermont No Exemption
Virginia No Exemption
Washington No Exemption
West Virginia No Exemption
Wisconsin No Exemption
Wyoming No Exemption