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Conference Tracks

Track One: Art Code | Code Art
Sample Topics: Algorithmic Art, Software Art, Net Art, Installation Art, Physic Computing, Sonic Art, Interactive Design and Development

Track Two: Academic Code
Sample Topics: Curriculum Development, Promotion & Tenure, Program Development, Pedagogy, Technical Support and Funding, Inter-Institutional Collaboration, Digital Film Schools, Classroom and Lab Exemplars, eTextbooks

Track Three: Image Code
Sample Topics: Digital Photography, Digital Imaging as Art, 3-D Modeling, Digital Printing, Medical Imaging, Commercial Design, Installation, Digital Painting

Track Four: Time-Based Code
Sample Topics: Digital Video, Flash, Processing, Distance Collaboration/Performance, Animation, Film, Interactive

Track Five: Cultural Code
Sample Topics: Network Culture and Complexity/Change, Philosophy, Digital Identity

Track Six: Legal Code
Sample Topics: Copyright, Legal Issues for Artists, P2P File Sharing, Open Source, Creative Commons

Track Seven: Semiotic Code & Storytelling
Sample Topics: Digital Narrative, Digital Asset Management, Still Image as Narrative, Semantic Web

Track Eight: Commercial Code
Sample Topics: Mobile Media, Emerging Technologies, Business Applications

Track Nine: Game Code
Sample Topics: Serious games, artistic games, commercial games, games as pedagogy, analysis of games