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Conference Papers, in order of presentation

Bob Papper/Mark Popovich, Middletown Media Studies II: Observing Consumers and Their Interactions with Media

Marcel O'Gorman/Nick Rombes, "Digital/Critical — or the Digital Death of Critical Studies"

Jeff Rutenbeck, "Bit by Bit: Hypercomplexity and Digital Media Studies"

Kevin Hollo, "Monster Slang: The Metonymic Functions of Textual Archivation"

Heidi McKee, "Sound Matters: Approaches for the Analysis and Design of Sound in Multimodal Web Texts"

Peter Hriso, "Building Group Dynamics Outside the Classroom"

Rudy McDaniel/Natalie Underberg, "eXeMbeLishment: Using the eXtensible Markup Language as a tool for storytelling researchers"

Brian Landry/Mark Guzdial, "Learning from Human Support: Informing the Design of Personal Digital Story-Authoring Tools"

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