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Call for Papers


Conference Tracks

The 2006 iDMAa + IMS conference is structured around the taxonomy outlined below. These categories are meant only to be broad groupings as an organizational tool. The suggestions included below each track are just that — suggestions. We encourage broad, creative, and radical interpretations of these tracks.

Track One: Art Code | Code Art
Sample Topics: Algorithmic Art, Software Art, Net Art, Installation Art, Physic Computing, Sonic Art, Interactive Design and Development

Track Two: Academic Code
Sample Topics: Curriculum Development, Promotion & Tenure, Program Development, Pedagogy, Technical Support and Funding, Inter-Institutional Collaboration, Digital Film Schools, Classroom and Lab Exemplars, eTextbooks

Track Three: Image Code
Sample Topics: Digital Photography, Digital Imaging as Art, 3-D Modeling, Digital Printing, Medical Imaging, Commercial Design, Installation, Digital Painting

Track Four: Time-Based Code
Sample Topics: Digital Video, Flash, Processing, Distance Collaboration/Performance, Animation, Film, Interactive

Track Five: Cultural Code
Sample Topics: Network Culture and Complexity/Change, Philosophy, Digital Identity

Track Six: Legal Code
Sample Topics: Copyright, Legal Issues for Artists, P2P File Sharing, Open Source, Creative Commons

Track Seven: Semiotic Code & Storytelling
Sample Topics: Digital Narrative, Digital Asset Management, Still Image as Narrative, Semantic Web

Track Eight: Commercial Code
Sample Topics: Mobile Media, Emerging Technologies, Business Applications

Track Nine: Game Code
Sample Topics: Serious games, artistic games, commercial games, games as pedagogy, analysis of games