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iDEAs Exhibition


Suggested Submission Categories

We will consider all insightful and creative art works that incorporate digital media in some way.  This includes images, games, animation, sculpture, sound, projections, film and video, web sites, interactive installations, to name a few.

Positive Power Mobile Media Showcase
Personal Media/ Public Good.
This year iDEAs will include a showcase of video presentations addressing important social topics designed for and distributed to cell phones. These 1-3 minute video presentations will demonstrate the way a new medium can help meet social challenges

Entries focused on the design and practical application of interactive digital media. This includes mobile phones, handheld devices, wireless innovations and other emerging technologies.

Graphic Design
Entries include any interactive project created for digital distribution on the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, interactive kiosk and handheld devices. Time-based design entries include video, animation, motion graphics, or other time-based sequences.

Education entries include works made for pedagogical purposes such as teaching, instruction, or training. This can include documentation of educational digital media projects and/or demonstrations of specific technologies being developed specifically for educational purposes. Entries can include original software, course materials, public kiosks, integrated systems or other creative uses of existing or potential technology to further a pedagogical objective.