January Term 2014 Study Abroad Program in Egypt
Egypt: Continuity & Change
A Three Week Study Tour in Egypt


This is intended as a guide to help you explore study abroad resources in Classics or that we feel will be of interest to students in Classics. Naturally, you are the best judge of your own interests and needs, but we urge you to discuss the options with your academic advisor or with Dr. Steven Tuck, who can help to guide you throught the myriad of choices available.


When you are starting to consider studying abroad, look first at the materials in the department on the study abroad bulletin board in the hallway as well as the study abroad binder kept in the Classics office, Irvin Hall 105. Also, ask your professors which programs they recommend or have personal experience with; they probably know of some you haven't considered. Also check out the following places in the department:

Study Abroad Bulletin Board
Study Abroad Binder
Academic Advisors


Miami University
Summer International Programs. Office of International Education, 216 MacMillan, 529-5628. Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Education, 529-5985. Luxembourg Program, 220 MacMillan, 529-5050. These Miami University offices are well-organized and very helpful at study abroad, particularly if your interest include Miami programs. These are the most knowledgeable people on campus concerning our programs and mundane details involved in getting you to Luxembourg or wherever you wish to study. They will also guide you through the administrative details of getting course approval for non-Miami study abroad programs.


Department of Classics Henry Montgomery Travel Award - Karen Ostberg Prize for Study Abroad, Miami University International Programs -
Rotary International Scholarships for Study Abroad. National Security Education Program Scholarship. Miami University Office of Student Financial Aid. Miami University financial aid packages will generally help pay for Miami study abroad programs. If you are considering non-Miami programs, you need to ask specific detailed questions about what portions of your financial aid will transfer. Many non-MU programs offer financial aid through their institutions so you would need to ask. You will also need to discuss financial aid with the nice people in the Financial Aid office here at Miami. NB: out-of-state students may find study abroad programs offered through state universities in their home state to be a bargain. You didn’t hear that from us.


Search Engines and Lists of Links

Check out the
search engine for study abroad programs maintained by the University of Michigan; as with all of these internet stires, it is somewhat arbitrary and certainly not fully inclusive, but does list a large number of programs. http://www.iiepassport.org/ is another study abroad search engine. Do not believe its claim to be comprehensive. Still, it's a great place to look particularly if you have already narrowed your search by country.http://www.studiesabroad.com You noticed that .com suffix didn't you? They do provide some scholarships and have lots of programs to choose from, but as will all programs, caveat emptor. Peterson's Summer Study Abroad is another search engine, but (as the name suggests) limited only to summer programs. Very good if you are only considering summer study. This is the link to the Archaeological Institute of America site. From here click on Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin. The AFOB claims to be the most comprehensive listing of archaeological excavations available; use it to find excavations that take students. The online service is up now; the print version is available in the Classics Department office

A Wholly Arbitrary List of Study Abroad Programs

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome - This is one of the best, and certainly the most expensive, program in Rome. The teaching staff is generally excellent, the program is well-supported and courses transfer easily. Financial aid is available.

Arcadia University Programs in Greece and Italy - Arcadia University runs a program in Athens that is one of the best; it is distinguished not only by its faculty in Classics, but in Byzantine and modern Greece. Like everyone else under the sun, it has programs in Tuscany and Umbria.

College Year in Athens - One of the longest running and most widely-respected study programs in Greece. CYA hires distinguished scholar/teachers and has a program that has been well-reviewed over the years. CYA has academic year and summer programs.

American School of Classical Studies at Athens - The American School runs an intensive 6 week summer program that accepts undergraduate students. It has an excellent reputation for combining lectures and site & museum visits. Some financial aid is available.

Ohio Unversity Greek-in-Greece Program - Sounds slightly better than taking Greek in Irvin 100. The program is reasonably priced especially for Ohio residents. All I know about it is what I saw on their webpage.

American Academy in Rome Summer Programs - Includes both study tours of Rome and environs as well as excavation opportunities. Generally considered excellent intensive programs. Financial aid is available.

Aestiva Romae Latinitias - Father Reninald Foster, Latin Secretary to the Pope, teaches summer Latin in Rome. The 6 week program is well regarded. Fax: 39 06 58 54 03 00