Miami University, Oxford Ohio

The Center for Human Psychophysiology consists of faculty from seven departments (ECE, CSA, PSY, SPA, EDP, MKT, and MUS) and all divisions of the University who have a common interest in psychophysiological approaches to understanding human behavior.  Our primary asset is a Laboratory in Electrophysiology housed in the Psychology Building.  In this facility, we have electroencephalography (EEG) recording systems, integrated eye-tracking, and traditional biometric measurement equipment (galvanic skin response, heart rate, facial EMG).

The Center strives to acquire the latest in modern cognitive neuroscience systems and to facilitate their use in faculty and student research here at Miami.  Undergraduate students may apply to join the research team that provides support to projects ongoing in the lab.  Faculty interested in what we have to offer can contact:

Robin D. Thomas, Director, CHP
Department of Psychology
Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056