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Part-Time Survival Guide

Welcome to Miami University!

The Survival Guide is an orientation packet for part-time faculty. Whether you are participating part time as adjunct practitioner, researcher, instructor or lecturer, it is our commitment for your engagement at Miami University to be challenging, invigorating and rewarding. The career path ahead of you will be enhanced by your involvement and understanding of all that Miami University offers to its faculty, staff, administrators, students. The Survival Guide is intended to provide you with a general background and perspective about Miami and part-time teaching, as well as practical tools to help you get started.

Your experience, talent and the capability we envision in you shall continue to serve as a sustaining force in driving the present and future of Miami University. We hope you will enjoy our four campuses at Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown and Voice of America, as well as our communities in Southwestern Ohio.

What is “part-time” teaching at Miami University?

So-called part-time teaching is actually the full-time responsibility for teaching one or more classes on a semester to semester basis. The average length of service of part-time faculty members on the Middletown campus is about twelve years; on the Hamilton and Oxford campuses it is about nine years. Part-time faculty teach slightly over 20% of all undergraduate classes at Miami.

What is involved in part-time teaching?

Teaching goes beyond knowing the subject matter and telling students what they need to know. Good teachers provide a learning environment in which students thrive. Miami is proud of its reputation for excellent teaching. Teaching at Miami is both an honor and a privilege. Consistent with this is the responsibility to know not only the subject matter one is teaching, but to be well-versed in the art and science of teaching.

What are these resources?

The primary support offices related to teaching are: the Center for Teaching and Learning (CELTUA); Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT)', the Centers for Teaching and Learning at Miami Hamilton and Miami Middletown, and E-Learning at the Regionals.

Additional resources related to teaching, policies, employment at Miami and campus life are in the RESOURCES section.

What are some quick tips?

The number one tip is to get involved. Get to know your colleagues and take part in various university activities where you will find Information that cannot be found in handouts and manuals – such things as where and when to find the best parking spaces, or who can (quickly) fix glitches in your audio-visual equipment. The wisdom and tips that come from talking with classroom veterans is invaluable. For more tips, review the Part-Time Survival Guide.

Part-Time Survival Guide (pdf)

Survival Guide Contents:

  • Background and Overiew
  • Miami University History and Structure
  • History of Part-Time Faculty in Academia
  • A personal account by a survivor of part-time teaching
  • Practical Tools
  • Part-time teaching practices
  • Early Survival Checklist
  • Calendars
  • Resources and Contacts

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