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The Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment

Faculty Learning Community for the Exploration of Social Media in Higher Education

description: This Faculty Learning Community will investigate how social media has both influenced and been implemented in higher education.
amount: Each participant will have $500 to support his or her efforts, for example, purchase of hardware or software, travel to conferences, etc.
eligibility: All instructors (full- and part-time) and librarians are eligible. Graduate students with teaching responsibilities are also encouraged to apply.
selection: The FLC's facilitator will choose the FLC members.
submission: Please send an electronic copy of your application to CELTUA and one original application with your signature page via campus mail to CELTUA.
due date: Applications due May 20, 2011.

Purpose and Description

This Faculty Learning Community will investigate how social media has both influenced and been implemented in higher education around the country and then discuss how social media tools can/may be implemented in courses at Miami University.


FLC members will read a series of articles related to the rise of social media in education.

Members will participate in a variety of web conferences with instructors from around the world who have attempted to utilize social media in their courses. These web conferences will discuss the successes and failures of such attempts.

Members will take turns leading FLC meetings using modules they have designed that utilize various social media tools. Following these sessions, FLC members will reflect on how the selected social media tool affected the presentation.

Using the lessons learned from the demo presentations, participants will take a pre-existing module and revise it to implement social media tools that fit their learning objectives.


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Current Members


  • Annie-Laurie Blair, Journalism
  • Kristin Burton, Honors & Scholars Program
  • Brenda Dales, Teacher Education
  • Matthew Evins, Advanced Learning Technologies, Facilitator
  • Margaret Faimon, Art
  • Michele Gingras, Music
  • Martin Johnson, History
  • Suzanne Klatt, Family Studies & Social Work
  • Joseph Sampson, Journalism
  • David Sheehan, Honors & Scholars Program
  • Harvey Thurmer, Music


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