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The Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment

Alumni Teaching Scholars Community for Early-Career Faculty

  • 8-12 faculty per year
  • developing a teaching project in a focus course
  • working with colleagues, an experienced faculty mentor, and a student associate
  • eligibility: tenure track-faculty at the rank of assistant professor or above in their 2nd through 5th years at Miami
  • facilitated by the FLC Program Director for over 30 years
description: This community offers you the opportunity to enhance your teaching interests and abilities through seminars, retreats, national conferences, faculty mentors, student associates, teaching projects, and colleagueship of peers from other disciplines.
amount: Eight awards give one-course release time from teaching for one semester and up to $200 for individual teaching projects.
eligibility: You may apply if you are full-time faculty in a tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor or above and in your first through fourth year of teaching at Miami as of May 2011.
selection: The Alumni Teaching Scholars Program Advisory Subcommittee of CELTUA chooses the award recipients.
submission: Please send an electronic copy of your application to and the original application with your signature page via campus mail to CELTUA.
due date: Electronic applications are due March 25th. Hard copy applications (including signatures) should follow shortly thereafter. Awards will be announced in May.

Purpose and Description

Miami University established the Alumni Teaching Scholars Program in 1978 with the support of a three-year grant from the Lilly Endowment. Since 1982, the Miami Alumni, through the Miami University Fund, have generously supported the Program. The Program won the 1994 Hesburgh Award, given to the best faculty development program that enhances undergraduate education in the United States.

The community assists selected early-career faculty in developing their teaching abilities and interests by enabling them to participate in a two-semester series of special activities and to pursue individual projects related to teaching. The Teaching Scholars receive financial assistance for their projects and reduced teaching assignments during one semester. They select and work with experienced faculty who agree to be mentors and with students who are involved as consultants.

Each Teaching Scholar selects an experienced faculty member to partner as his or her mentor. The mentor can be from the same department or from another department. The structure of the Teaching Scholar-mentor relationship is flexible. For example, mentors and protégés may attend one another’s classes, discuss teaching philosophies, and explore University issues together.

Each participant selects one or two student associates who provide student perspectives on the topics and practices covered in the Program.

The objectives of the Alumni Teaching Scholars Community are to provide participants with the following:

  • Information on teaching and learning
  • Opportunities to observe, assess, and practice innovative teaching and uses of technology
  • Time and financial support for individual investigations of teaching and learning problems and projects
  • Development of syllabi, including articulation of clear learning objectives
  • Strengthening of basic teaching skills, for example, leading class discussions, testing, and balancing both lecture and active learning
  • Clearer communication with students
  • Ways to build a course around assessment of learning, for example, determining that students achieve stated learning objectives
  • Investigation and incorporation of ways that difference can enhance teaching and learning
  • A multiplicity of ways to gather and provide information for both formative and summative evaluation of teaching
  • Opportunities to share ideas and advice with faculty mentors and student associates
  • Awareness of teaching as an intellectual pursuit and exploration of ways to engage in the scholarship of teaching
  • Interdisciplinary colleagueship and support from current and former teaching scholars and mentors
  • Opportunities to share, via outreach, their enthusiasm and experience with other new faculty


The Teaching-Learning Community activities include the development of the scholarship of teaching. First, participants are introduced to the literature through several readings and seminars. Recent seminar topics include the evaluation of teaching, enhancing the teaching/learning experience through awareness of students’ intellectual development, the effect of gender on the teaching/learning process, sharing student and faculty views of teaching and learning, and the scholarship of teaching. In November, participants attend the Lilly Conference on College Teaching, where they interact with nationally known teacher scholars.


The Teaching Scholars pursue self-designed learning programs, including a teaching project, for which they receive financial support. Past projects have included developing expertise and courseware for computer-assisted instruction, redesigning an ongoing course, and learning and trying a new teaching method. Each Teaching Scholar assesses changes in student learning as a result of his or her project. Finally, in February at the ATS Teaching and Learning Symposium, the teaching scholars present to the campus what they have learned followed by a presentation in March at the National Lilly Conference in Pomona, CA. Through these activities the teaching scholars become involved in the scholarship of teaching.

If you are interested in applying, discuss your participation with your department chair. You must obtain the endorsement of your chair and dean when you apply. You will need to plan for release time from one course for fall or spring semester; your department will receive funds for course replacement coverage at the rate of $700 or $800 per credit hour.

Recent Recipients


  • Fauzia Ahmed, Sociology & Gerontology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • Kevin Armitage,Western Program, Affiliate in the Department of History, and Affiliate in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability
  • Milt Cox, CELTUA, Facilitator
  • Michael Evans, Educational Leadership, Teacher Education, and Family Studies & Social Work
  • Sheri Leafgren, Teacher Education
  • Lewis Magruder, Theatre
  • Susan Spellman, History


  • Michelle Abraham, Psychology
  • Deborah Beyer, Nursing, Hamilton
  • Mary Ben Bonham, Architecture & Interior Design
  • Euljung (EJ) Chun, Educational Psychology
  • Milt Cox, CELTUA, Facilitator
  • Peter Jamieson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Brenda Young, Nursing, Hamilton


  • Milt Cox, CELTUA, Facilitator
  • Mike Brudzinski, Geology
  • Brooke Flinders, Nursing, Hamilton
  • Dmitriy Garmatyuk, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Eva Rodríguez-González, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Stephanie Rollie, Communication
  • Melissa Schulz, Teacher Education
  • Stephen Siff, Journalism Program
  • Huatong Sun, English
  • Deborah Tibbs, Nursing, Middletown


  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Michael Todd Edwards, Teacher Education
  • M. Cameron Hay-Rollins, Anthropology
  • Joseph G. Johnson, Psychology
  • John Karro, Computer Science & Systems Analysis
  • Kathrine Kuvalanka, Family Studies & Social Work
  • Gaile Pohlhaus, Philosophy


  • Jennifer Roebuck Bulanda, Sociology & Gerontology
  • Janet E. Burge, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Joomi Chung, Art
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Elizabeth Frye, Teacher Education
  • Mark Giles, Educational Leadership
  • Virginia Gray, Mathematics and Statistics, Hamilton
  • Anthony A. Peguero, Sociology & Gerontology
  • Ebru Reis, Finance
  • Jay Rozema, Theatre
  • David Shrider, Finance


  • Tim Eaton, Accountancy
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Julie Gifford, Comparative Religion
  • Kelli Lyon Johnson, English—Hamilton
  • John Maingi, Geography
  • Pascal Massie, Philosophy
  • Zafer Ozdemir, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Theresa Tribbe Socol, Teacher Education
  • Nazan Uludag, Teacher Education


  • Ricardo Averbach, Music
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Gary Drigel, Engineering Technology
  • Julia Guichard, Theater
  • Antoinette Lynch, Accountancy
  • LeAnn Schlamb, Nursing
  • David Shriberg, Educational Psychology


  • Helane Adams, English, Middletown
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Educational Leadership
  • Suguna Bommaraju, Engineering Technology, Middletown
  • Moira Casey, English, Middletown
  • Enamul Choudhury, Political Science
  • Bruce D’Arcus, Geography
  • Patricia Ellerson, Psychology, Hamilton
  • Cheryl Heckler, English
  • Kimberly Hill, Architecture and Interior Design (2nd Semester)
  • Stacy McGoldrick, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Jeffrey Merhout, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Glenn Muschert, Sociology and Gerontology


  • Mark Christian, Sociology & Gerontology
  • John Cinnamon, Anthropology
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Kay Edwards, Music
  • Patricia Ehrkamp, Geography
  • Jan Eighme, Accountancy
  • Chen Ferguson, Business Technology
  • Bonnie Glassberg, Decision Sciences & Management Information
  • Mary Henry, Geography
  • Kimberly Hill, Architecture and Interior Design (1st Semester)
  • Minet Schindehutte, Marketing
  • Jeffrey Wanko, Teacher Education
  • Lei Zhou, Finance


  • Paula Boxie, Teacher Education
  • Michelle Briscoe, Political Science, Hamilton
  • Melissa Ann Chase, Physical Education, Health & Sport Studies
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Joseph W. Dorsey, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Xiang Fang, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Elizabeth V. Howard, Computer and Information Technology, Middletown
  • Patrick Paulson, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Rob Schorman, History, Middletown


  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Yvette S. Harman, Finance
  • Douglas Havelka, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Judi Hetrick, English
  • Mario A. Ortiz, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Noriko T. Reider, German, Russian & East Asian Languages
  • Justin Erik Smith, Philosophy
  • Elizabeth A. Thompson, Family Studies & Social Work
  • Shauntae Brown White, Black World Studies/Communication-Hamilton


  • Babacar Camara, French and Italian
  • Sara Chazen, Theatre
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Brian Domino, Philosophy
  • Nuria Lopez-Ortega, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Ann MacKenzie, Teacher Education
  • Martin Sikora, Paper Science and Engineering
  • Glenn Stone, Family Studies and Social Work


  • Terri Barr, Marketing
  • Mark Brown, Educational Psychology
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Timothy Melley, English
  • Elaine Miller, Philosophy
  • Gillian Oakenfull, Marketing
  • Beth Deitz Uhler, Psychology


  • Carol Bashford, Nursing
  • John Benamati, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Robert Blair, Zoology
  • Peter Brewer, Accountancy
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • S. Cybulski, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Yildirim Dilek, Geology
  • Victoria Fleming, Educational Psychology
  • Julia Lindsey, Art
  • Maribeth Metzler, Communication
  • Ann Sobel, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Morris Young, English


  • Anne Broussard, Family Studies and Social Work
  • Fofi Constantinidou, Communication
  • Carla Corroto, Architecture
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Joan Fopma-Loy, Nursing
  • Debra Hughes, Family Studies and Social Work
  • Jean Langan, Art
  • Denise McCoskey, Classics
  • Mary McDonald, Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • Simon Montagu, Geography
  • Osaak Olumwullah, History


  • Carolyn Andrews-Beck, Teacher Education
  • David Berg, Zoology
  • Denise Buell, Religion
  • Anne Carson, Nursing
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Linda Crider, English
  • Herbert Jaeger, Physics
  • John Jeep, German, Russian & East Asian Languages
  • Kathleen Knight-Abowitz, Educational Leadership
  • Anne Lawton, Management
  • Daria Mauer, Communication
  • Kyoungah See, Mathematics & Statistics
  • James Stenger, Manufacturing Engineering
  • Aimin Wang, Educational Psychology
  • Emily Zakin, Philosophy


  • Stephen Alexander, Physics
  • Connie Collier, Physical Education, Health, and Sport Studies
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Itiel Dror, Psychology
  • Denny Fagan, Art
  • Ann Frymier, Communication
  • Sherrie Inness, English
  • Peter Magolda, Educational Leadership
  • Brenda Mitchell, Music
  • Mieko Ono, German, Russian, and East Asian Languages
  • Kent Piepgrass, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Scott Salmon, Geography
  • Karen Schmahl, Manufacturing Engineering
  • Shannon Sullivan, Philosophy


  • Stan Brown, Theatre
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Richard Forgette, Political Science
  • Katherine Hieber, Nursing
  • Iris Johnson, Teacher Education
  • Pamela Johnson, Management
  • John Kimiecik, Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • Erik Lewis, Political Science
  • Christopher Myers, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Laurie Penpraze, Music
  • Glenn Platt, Marketing
  • Kate Rousmaniere, Educational Leadership
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Comparative Religion
  • Judith Zinsser, History


  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Margaret Faimon, Art
  • Mary Jo Maffei, Management
  • Tina Mallie, Accountancy
  • Yihong Pan, History
  • Jane Petschek, Zoology
  • Ken Special, Architecture
  • Stanley Toops, Geography
  • Mike Treglia, Economics
  • David Walsh, Management
  • Larry Young, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems


  • Marilyn Cunningham Anderson, Nursing
  • Zoltan Balogh, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Michael Curme, Economics
  • Jennie Dautermann, Arts and Science
  • Maureen Lage, Economics
  • Marjorie McLellan, History
  • Kimberly Medley, Geography
  • Roberta Null-Carlson, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Christopher Wolfe, Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Alan Cady, Zoology
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Janice Dean, Theatre
  • Dorothy Donahue, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Mark Hanna, Management
  • Sandra Herman, Educational Leadership
  • James Kelly, Philosophy
  • Kelly Kohls, Physical Education, Health and Sport Studies
  • Clayton Parr, Music
  • Marc Rubin, Accountancy
  • Alex Thomas, Educational Psychology


  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Kellie Glendon, Nursing
  • Laura Kelly, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • Jean Lynch, Sociology and Gerontology
  • T. Rajkumar, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Olga Skorapa, Educational Leadership
  • Deborah Ulrich, Nursing
  • Louise Van Vliet, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • Christopher Zahn, Communication
  • Susan Brown Zahn, Communication Mass


  • A. John Bailer, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Michael Carrafiello, History
  • Kim England, Geography
  • Caroline Everington, Educational Psychology
  • Barbara Heuberger, Teacher Education
  • Ellen Price, Art
  • Roger Staton, Finance
  • Ronald Taylor, Marketing
  • Robert Thurston, History
  • Maureen Vanterpool, Teacher Education


  • Helaine Alessio, Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • Andrea Bishop-Marbury, Educational Psychology
  • James Cashell, Accountancy
  • Melvin Cohen, Political Science
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Sarah Dowhower, Teacher Education
  • Sandra Forsythe, Home Economics & Consumer Science
  • Raymond Gorman, Finance
  • Craig Hinrichs, Architecture & Interior Design
  • James Kiper, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Enid LaGesse, University Honors Program
  • Sooun Lee, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems
  • Donald Norris, Marketing
  • Leigh Seacord, Art


  • Claire Boge, Music
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Michael Dantley, Educational Leadership
  • Osama Ettouney, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Carrie Foster, History
  • Stephen Goettsch, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Kathleen Hutchinson, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • Doris Mahaffey, Economics
  • Peter McLaren, Educational Leadership
  • Bettye Myer, Teacher Education
  • Nancy Rich, Physical Education, Health and Sport Studies
  • Judith Rogers, Educational Leadership
  • David Chi-Chung Yen, Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems


  • Betsy Cann, Architecture & Interior Design
  • Arthur Casciato, English
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Alan Frager, Teacher Education
  • Helen Gerrard, Business Technology
  • Robert Hamilton, Accountancy
  • Alice Kahn, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • Thomas Kopp, Teacher Education
  • Joseph Leonard, Management
  • Mostafa Mehdizadeh, Economics
  • Cynthia Thompson, Management
  • Wendy Wilson, Communication


  • Philip Cottell, Accountancy
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Diane Delisio, Computer and Information Technology
  • John Jobe, Decision Sciences and Management Information
  • Louise Jones, Home Economics & Consumer Science
  • Jon Patton, Information Technology Services
  • Ralph Raunft, Art
  • Ann Rypstra, Zoology
  • Lee Sanders, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Robert Steen, Economics


  • Marcia Baxter Magolda, Educational Leadership
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Catherine Cresswell, Architecture
  • Sen-Wo (Michael) Du, Management Information Systems
  • Pamela Fox, Music
  • John Heyda, English
  • Richard Lee, Zoology
  • Jean Lutz, English
  • Susan Reilly, Communication Mass
  • Jacke Stemplfey, Nursing


  • Larry Chenault, Economics
  • Ann Cline, Architecture
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Leonore Ganschow, Educational Psychology
  • Charles Gowen III, Management
  • Roger Meicenheimer, Botany
  • Gerald Poje, Zoology
  • Cecilia Shore, Psychology
  • Linda Singer, Philosophy
  • Anita Wilson, English


  • Muriel Blaisdell, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Ingrid Blood, Communication
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Teruo Fujii, Engineering Technology
  • AJ Herbet, Paper Science and Engineering
  • Joseph Kretschmer, Teacher Education
  • Mark Langenfeld, Physical Education, Health and Sport Studies
  • Richard Luftig, Educational Psychology
  • Constance Pierce, English
  • Jeffrey Sommers, English


  • Rayma Beal, Physical Education, Health, & Sport Studies
  • Gordon Blood, Communication
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Clive Getty, Art
  • Ronald Harkins, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Ronald Harrison, Business Technology
  • David Hunt, Management
  • Richard Quantz, Educational Leadership
  • Steven Schwartz, Economics
  • Gary Shulman, Communication
  • Susan Tritten, Spanish and Portuguese


  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Robert Doran, Architecture & Interior Design
  • Homer Erekson, Economics
  • Mary Fuller, English
  • Kathleen German, Communication
  • Erich Lear, Music
  • Carl Paternite, Psychology
  • Susan Rimmer, Personell & Guidance
  • Carol Sensbach, Home Economics & Consumer Science
  • Jeffrey Sims, Marketing
  • Michael Waller, Paper Science and Engineering


  • Nazanin Azarnia, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Donald Byrkett, Computer Science and Systems Analysis
  • Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Educational Leadership
  • Milt Cox, CELT, Facilitator
  • Elizabeth Duvert, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Denise Guerin, Home Economics & Consumer Science
  • Louise Van Vliet, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • George Rawson, Political Science
  • Daniel Seiver, Economics
  • Garold Stasser, Psychology

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