The Center for Teaching Excellence

What is the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)?

The Center for Teaching Excellence is a community where:

  • We support long-term and short-term communities for faculty growth and inquiry (e.g., FLCs, FLINGs, workshops/seminars);

  • We support innovative teaching through projects, grants and awards (e.g., Top 25 project, grants, Knox award);

  • We bring to Miami the best of the scholarship of teaching and learning (e.g., Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching);

  • We support departments and programs in their work to assess their effectiveness as educators in their discipline;

  • We work with other programs to enhance and celebrate teaching and learning at Miami.

Our mission is to model and promote engagement with scholarly and reflective teaching practices to support the academic development of all faculty and students.

To do this, we:

  • Support learning and teaching in the Engaged University by creating a community that crosses boundaries, nurtures excellent educators, promotes innovative teaching, and elevates the priority of effective teaching and learning.

  • Support learning and teaching by helping faculty and programs to engage in assessment to collect information about student learning that they will use for continuous improvement. Our role is to promote best practices in assessment and to promote faculty engagement with the assessment cycle; it is not to evaluate programs or faculty.

  • Support reflective and scholarly practice by instructors, students, and our Center, thereby not only bringing the best of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) to Miami, but also enhancing Miami's reputation by contributing to and serving the broader SoTL community.

"The Engaged University" is a vision of Miami's curricular and co-curricular efforts devoted to helping students develop intellectual maturity as creators of knowledge rather than receivers of knowledge. As articulated by MU's President David Hodge, we should engage students in scholarly inquiry from the beginning of their college careers, gradually giving them more responsibility for the process.

To reach this goal of engaged learning, we believe that building community is the cradle of growth, improvement, and innovation. We promote inclusion and diversity awareness. We deliberately collaborate with and bring people together from different disciplines, different campuses, different offices, and different roles in the university. We nurture educators at different points in their careers and professional development. We serve as a catalyst for and provide financial support to bring to fruition innovative ideas from the community as well as promote evidence-based teaching from the literature.

Our vision is that Miami University will engage in scholarly reflective practice at multiple levels, including instructors, students, and our Center.

We provide services for instructors that support scholarly teaching. Scholarly instructors set their instructional goals, use research literature to select instructional methods to reach those goals, assess their effectiveness, and reflect/revise their goals and approaches. We provide formative feedback and serve as consultants to individual faculty and departments. We promote assessment of student learning as the engine of continuous improvement. By learning about the outcomes that our students are or are not reaching, we can take appropriate steps to improve our students' learning. When assessment is part of an IRB-approved research project, it can contribute to the scholarly literature on effective pedagogy. Our Lilly Conference and journals inform the Miami community of best teaching practices and provide outlets for educators who choose to contribute to the scholarly literature on teaching and learning.

We support instructors to help students learn to engage in scholarly inquiry and become aware of their own thought processes. Such metacognition enables students to evaluate evidence and the perspectives of external authorities critically, construct new knowledge, make their own informed judgments, and act ethically. We support faculty and students so that students will be responsible for acting with academic integrity.

We as a Center also embody reflective practice. Our faculty development efforts are informed by recent research and by assessing the effectiveness of our programs. We share the outcomes of our efforts publicly in presentations and publications.

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