Claims Against Miami University

Procedures for filing damage or injury claims against Miami University


Personal Injury or Property Damage


Under the Ohio Revised Code, liability for a claim against Miami University which alleges property damage or personal injury as a result of the action or failure to act by the university or its employees (other than motor vehicle claims) may only be determined by the Ohio Court of Claims.

Civil actions against the university for $2,500 or less are determined administratively by the clerk of the court.  Any such claim must be filed on a complaint form prescribed by the Supreme Court and provided by the court.  Claims for amounts greater than $2,500 are determined by a judge of the court.  The form of complaint and practice and procedure are governed by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure and by the Local Rules of the Court of Claims of Ohio.

O.R.C. requires that if a plaintiff receives or is entitled to receive benefits for injuries or loss allegedly incurred from a policy or policies of insurance or any other source, the benefits shall be disclosed to the court, and the amount of the benefits shall be deducted from any award against Miami University recovered by the plaintiff.

Information and  forms are available on the Court of Claims website.

Supplemental instructions specific to Miami University are available on the university website.


Motor Vehicle Claims


Claims involving the operation of Miami University owned or leased vehicles shall be reported to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Business Services (513-529-4225) as soon as possible.  Accidents may be reported using the form at  Incidents which result in significant injury to a driver or passenger should be reported immediately to Gallagher Bassett Insurance Services at 800-416-1826 ext 216 during working hours or to MedInsights, 800-453-4715 at other times.

Claims involving vehicles rented by Miami University through Enterprise Rent-A-Car should be reported to the nearest Enterprise office.