Budget Forms/Applications

NOTE:  The forms must be saved to your desktop or personal directory before attaching to an email

Budget Transfer Application

Budget transfers are submitted through an online application in BannerWeb. The application is accessible from the Multiple Line Budget Transfer link of the BannerWeb Finance menu.  In order to access BannerWeb you must first log into mymiami.MiamiOH.edu using your Miami Unique ID and MUnet password.

Please review the Multiple Line Budget Transfer desk aid for complete instructions on accessing and using the online application.

For additional assistance, please contact Tim Birmingham at:

Phone: (513) 529-7296
Email: birminth@miamioh.edu

New Index/Organization Request Form

For additional assistance, please contact Donna Rohlfer at:

Phone: (513) 529-6243
Email: rohlfedm@miamioh.edu

Miscellaneous Fee Ordinance Form

Please review the Miscellaneous Fee Guidelines before requesting changes to an existing fee or establishing a new fee. The guidelines will provide general principles in reviewing existing fees and establishing new fees, definitions of fee categories, and the procedures to obtain the necessary approvals.

For additional assistance, please contact Kerin Banfield at (513) 529-0464.

Other Commonly Used Forms

Other commonly used forms such as Expense Transfer Request Form and Labor Redistribution Request Form can be found under General Accounting’s website