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This website was created by members of Anthropology 175: Peoples of the World at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (Spring, 2005). The pages on this site provide anthropological perspectives on globalization.

Project Objectives

Globalization is a process that is increasing the connections among people from around the world (see Held and McGrew 2002:  1-9).  Although one could argue that globalization has been occurring since the first members of genus Homo left Africa over a million years ago,  the current interconnectedness of the global economy and the dispersed nature of global production are good examples of contemporary globalization. Here at Miami University, we have access to products made all over the world.  Clothing for a single brand, for example, might be made in a dozen countries.   In this assignment students trace an item they purchased at Miami University back to its place of production. What can we find out about the people who made this product? 

In addressing globalization through a single, locally-purchased product and its producers, students are challenged to think critically about the nature of the global economy and our role in it.

The student pages will be added near the end of the semester, in April, 2005.

References Cited

Held, David, and Anthony McGrew

2002   Globalization/ Anti-Globalization.  Polity Press, Malden MA.

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