Interpretation of La Bamba

La Bamba is a classic Mariachi song with a very simple interpretation. Bamba is introduced as a dance of some sort. It simply states that a little grace is necessary to be able to dance the Bamba . It then states how the singer is not “marine”, or a sailor, but he is willing to be for the listener's delight. Perhaps sailors do not have a high social status and the singer makes the point that he is not one. The first verse is repeated, with a small change. At the end of the second verse the singer again denies the “sailor” status, but does claim to be a captain. La Bamba can be interpreted as a man pursuing the love of a woman, persuasively trying to show the woman that he is worthy. This typical Mariachi song portrays the simple song material that Mariachi is made of and how it represents Mexican everyday life.

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