Anthropology Major

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Anthropology is an exciting and broadening choice as your major in Miami's liberal arts education.

All anthropology majors receive a broad introduction to the four subfields of anthropology:

  1. Physical or biological anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. Linguistic anthropology
  4. Sociocultural anthropology

The major requirements ensure that students are exposed to all four major areas but have enough time to explore their individual interests. Students are encouraged to work out an individual program of study with the departmental advisor.

Anthropology majors are together in many classes during their years at Miami and get to know each other well. Most classes are small enough to allow interaction between student and teacher on an individual basis.

Course Requirements for the Anthropology Major

(36 semester hours distributed as follows, A through C)


1. Take all five of the following:


ATH 212 




ATH 231 



Foundations of Biologicval Anthropology




ATH 265




ATH 421






At least one non-repeating course must be taken in at least three of the following Clusters. At least three non-repeating courses must come from any one Cluster. At least one course from the Cluster Requirements must be a designated Practicum course. To meet the 36 credit hour total for the Anthropology Major, additional courses may be chosen from any of the Clusters. Students may petition to the CDA to have particular variable topic courses apply to a particular Cluster depending on the course emphases of the teaching faculty member.

































No more than 6 hours in variable content courses (e.g., ATH 377, ATH 390, ATH 477, ATH 480, ATH 491) may count toward the 36 hour requirement. Variable content courses will be allocated to the appropriate Cluster, topic dependent. Students may count one introductory course (ATH 155, ATH 175, ATH 185, or ATH 235) as an elective toward the major.

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