1998: William H. Newell (ed.), Interdisciplinarity: Essays from the Literature. New York: The College Board. 563 pp. ISBN: 0-87447-600-3
    Advancing Interdisciplinary Studies (Julie Klein and William Newell)
    Defining and Teaching Interdisciplinary Studies (William Newell)
    Interdisciplinary Model to Implement General Education (Barbara Hursh, Paul Haas, Michael Moore)
    Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development (William Newell)
    Why Interdisciplinarity? (Joseph Kockelmans)
    Guide to Interdisciplinary Syllabus Preparation (Institute in Integrative Studies)
Philosophical Analysis
    Five Arguments Against Interdisciplinary Studies (Thomas Benson)
    The Case for Interdisciplinary Studies: Response to Professor Benson's Five Arguments (William Newell)
    The Position: Interdisciplinarity as Interpenetration (Steve Fuller)
    Avoiding the Potholes: Strategies for Reforming General Education (Jerry Gaff)
    Faculty Development through Interdisciplinarity" (Forrest Armstrong)
    Interdisciplinary Studies as a Counterculture: Problems of Birth, Growth, and Survival (Martin Trow)
    The Fragmentation of Knowledge and Practice: University, Private Sector, and Public Sector Perspectives (Theodore Hershberg)
Disciplinary Contexts
    Academic Disciplines and Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Education (William Newell)
    Blurred Genres: The Reconfiguration of Social Thought (Clifford Geertz)
    Being Interdisciplinary Is So Very Hard to Do (Stanley Fish)
    Interdisciplinary Studies (Giles Gunn)
    Blurring, Cracking, and Crossing: Permeation and the Fracturing of Discipline (Julie Klein)
Social Sciences
    Interdisciplinary Research for Integrated Rural Development in Developing Countries: The Role of the
    Social Sciences (Dirk van Dusseldorp and Seerp Wigboldus)
    Advancing the Social Sciences Through the Interdisciplinary Enterprise (Marilyn Stember)
Humanities and Fine Arts
    Reflections on the Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Humanities (Nancy Cluck)
    Introduction to Reading Rembrandt (Mieke Bal)
    Music and Life (Barbara Carlisle)
Natural Sciences
    The Nature of Scientific Integration (William Bechtel)
    Interdisciplinary Thought (Ursula Hübenthal)
General Lessons from Specific Interdisciplinary Fields
    Environment (Julie Klein)
    Women (Julie Klein)
    Interdisciplinary Research and the Future of Peace and Security Studies (Richard Lebow)
    There's No Place Like Home? Remapping the Topography of German Studies (Jeffrey Peck)
    The Interdisciplinary Curriculum: From Social Medicine to Post-modernism (Bryan Turner)
    Things Fall Together: A Critique of Multicultural Curricular Reform (Grant Cornwell, Eve Stoddard)
Putting It All Together
    Professionalizing Interdisciplinarity: Literature Review and Research Agenda (William Newell)