A Message from the President




Carolyn S. Craig 

Welcome new and returning members of the Association of Black Faculty and Staff (ABFAS) to the 2018-2019 academic year! The ABFAS Executive Board is proud of the accomplishments the organization made in the last year and am looking forward to this upcoming year and great contributions ABFAS will make to the Miami community.

Your input and participation will be crucial to ABFAS success in supporting Miami black faculty, staff and students, so I highly encourage you to become an active member of ABFAS. This year, priorities for the association will include 1) increasing ABFAS employee engagement, membership and active participation  2) sponsoring professional/talent/leadership development opportunities for ABFAS members 3) increasing collaboration efforts with internal associations and external partners with common synergies 4) increasing support of our black student population even further including working on establishment of an ABFAS Student Assistance Fund for those in need and 5) developing a strategic plan for ABFAS.  

Please feel free to contact ABFAS (abfas@miamioh.edu) with any suggestions or concerns.

Wishing you much success this academic year!


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