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Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF)

EPAFs for the 2015-16 Academic Year can be originated now.

Independent Contractors and Telecommuting

(off campus work location)

A procedure has been implemented that will standardize review procedures and improve compliance with University policy and applicable laws in the determination of whether an independent contractor relationship or an employer-employee relationship is appropriate. In addition, when a recommended candidate's work location is off campus, including out of state, a telecommuting agreement must be submitted as part of the approval process. Detailed information on these processes can be found on the Forms page under the Administrative Forms tab.

Summer Earnings

The 24% and 30% limits to summer earnings for full-time faculty are no longer in effect. Effective summer 2011, the ceiling has been raised to 33 1/3% of the prior year’s base salary (three months of base salary) for any combination of duties (teaching, workshops, research, administrative, special assignments). The formula used to determine one’s instructional salary has not changed – 3% of base salary per credit hour (unless other departmental/campus guidelines exist). For grant-based earnings, the funding agency may have income limitations.


Award Program for Excellent Service (P.R.I.D.E Award)
Miami P.R.I.D.E. (Performance Resulting In Distinguished Excellence) Award Program for classified and unclassified staff is a monetary award created to recognize and reward significant outstanding performance. Recommendations are reviewed four times a year - September, December, March, and June. For information on how to make the award and requirements, click here. To access the form click here. For additional guidelines esp. for Nominators, click here.
Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF)
Electronic Personnel Action Forms are to be used to reappoint faculty, unclassified staff, and summer teaching. Click here to access the manual to instruct all categories of employment. Please see the Table of Contents for the appropriate category.
Guidelines and Procedures
Visit the Provost Web site to review additional guidelines and procedures click here.
Telecommuting Arrangements - off campus work location
On rare occasions and in unique circumstances, a person whose work location is off campus, including out of state, can provide special services. Because employment laws differ in each state, employees working at remote sites will continue to be covered by the University's basic insurance plans, and will be paid on the University payroll system, a special telecommuting agreement is required. Click here for additional information and click here for an agreement template.
Recruiting and Hiring Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
To view guidelines click here.
Early Access to Fee Waivers
Guidelines for seeking approval to offer an early instructional fee waiver for dependents as part of negotiations with a person of extraordinary potential can be found by clicking here. To seek permission to offer early access to a fee waiver click here.


Forms needed for Administrative support are located on the Forms tab. To view and/or print these forms, click here.
The resources often needed to complete administrative tasks are located here. If you are unable to locate a resource and need assistance, please contact Academic Personnel Services at (513) 529-6724.

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF's) Manual and Related Materials
HireTouch On-line Employment System Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides are available to assist you with various actions in the new HireTouch online employment system.  To view a Quick Reference Guide, click the appropriate link below.


Work Authorization for International Faculty & Staff
Non-citizens must have have work authorization prior to the begin date of their employment. Depending on what type of work authorization, Academic Personnel Services may need additional time to investigate. Please contact Celia Ellison with any questions or concerns at (513) 529-7268 or by email at
Hiring Guidelines for Tenure Faculty
Click here to access the hiring guidelines for Tenure Faculty. If you have any questions contact Celia Ellison at (513) 529-7268 or email at
2015-16 Deans and Chair List
Click here to access the 2015-16 Deans, Department Chairs, Program Directors and Regional Campus Coordinators list.


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