"One solution to many of today's pressing environmental problems is to engage students who might otherwise not be involved in science and provide them with the tools and critical thinking skills to become, themselves,  engaged in society as educators. I am just one educator who may touch the lives of a few, but these students will go out into the world and teach many  about making choices in their everyday lives."

Dr. Jim Oris
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship
Professor of Zoology

Building upon its long-standing commitment to excellence, Miami seeks to implement a shared vision for the future. Combining President Hodge's vision, the five-year strategic plan, Miami's historical focus on academic excellence, and contemporary research on student learning, we offer three key educational tenets to guide our practice:
  • GUIDE STUDENTS to develop their own integrated belief system and identity, which prepares them personally and intellectually for lifelong learning;

  • ACTIVELY ENGAGE STUDENTS in discovering new knowledge in a sequenced way to enable them to think critically, make informed judgments and act ethically;

  • CREATE A VIBRANT CAMPUS LEARNING COMMUNITY that blends in-class and out-of-class learning opportunities and involves all educators in promoting students' learning.
President Hodge's Vision
"The Engaged University and Student Success," a paper prepared as background to the 2008 President’s Annual Address. GO>>

  Miami's Five-Year Strategic Plan
Excerpt from Dr. David Hodge's Inaugural Address, "For Miami, this is a moment of special opportunity to be seized."

  Miami's Historical Focus on Academic Excellence
This interactive web site is dedicated to telling the story of Miami University through authentic historical douments.
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  Who are the TOP 25?
Miami University has launched the “Top 25” project to foster engagement in its large Miami Plan Foundation courses.


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