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Create Your Own Time Capsule

Now it is time to create your own time capsule!  Answer the following questions about what you would put in a time capsule for the 1990's.  What do you want people in the future to know about your generation?  Then send us your answers. We will compile answers from everybody and post them on a future edition of The Dragonfly Web Pages.

I am in the --
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
7th grade
Past 7th grade
I am from -- 
My zip code is -- 

What type of music from the 90's would you put in your time capsule--


What world events would you include newspaper articles about--


What examples of fashion trends would you put in your time capsule--


What books are good examples of the 90's for your time capsule--


What fictional characters would you include videos of in your time capsule--


What are your favorite toys from the 90's--


What periodical (example: magazine or newspaper) would you put in your time capsule--


What else would you put in your time capsule--


Finally, where would you bury your time capsule--

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