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It must feel cool to be on the eighth planet from the Sun. If you looked through binoculars on planet Earth, you could see Neptune. But through the binoculars, you will not be able to see that Neptune is blue. You may be wondering why it's blue. It's because of the absorption of red light by the gas and methane, in the atmosphere. Since Neptune is so far away, it has only been visited once by an unmanned spacecraft. Most of the information about Neptune was discovered from this voyage.

Neptune sometimes becomes the most distant plantet from the sun because for years at time Pluto's orbit crosses its path. It is most similar to Uranus because of its various ice and rock forms.  Beware, it gets very windy on Neptune! Neptune's winds are the fastest of all the planets and go up to 2000 km/hour. Neptune also has dark rings, but scientists do not know what the rings are made of. So play ball, but remember bring your windbreaker because it gets windy!

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