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   If you're going to visit Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, I hope you brought your sun tan lotion.  This planet, becuse it is so close to the sun, is therefore the hottest of all the other planets.  Like the Earth's moon, Mercury is heavily cratered, where the craters can be 1300 km in diameter.  You would never get your baseball back from there!  Mercury has a very thin atmosphere that's formed by strong solar winds blowing tiny particles into the air that create a shell around the planet.  This means that the atmosphere is always changing.  Mercury rotates only three times every two of it's years, which makes for some strange observations if you were standing on Mercury.  As the sun rises, it would get bigger in the sky, until it reached directly over head, where it would stop, reverse course, stop again, and then continue on it's way and set.  Wow, on this planet, if you stayed in the side that always faced the sun, you would never have to play any night games!

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