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Search for Life on Mars

Eccentric trillionaire Gill Bates is bankrolling the first privately funded trip to search for evidence of life on Mars -- and YOU have been chosen to head up the mission! Learn about Mars by following our space links and reading about NASA scientists Carl and Jaclyn Allen's search for life at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Then guide unmanned (and unwomanned) space craft to Mars to search for evidence for life. But be forewarned, Mr. Bates has his own ideas about where and how to search for evidence of life. As Gill says, "Hey, it's my money!"

You are controlling the space craft as it approaches Mars. Your first decision is to determine what you are looking for. Gill Bates gives you three choices (please click on one).

A) Martian Mammals

B) Microscopic Martian Fossils

C) Water

Life on the Edge
Search for Life
Moon Lab
Space Links

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