These Webpages are no longer maintained. We are keeping the pages here to preserve some of the early years of ProjectDragonfly, to honor the students who created the interactives in the early days of the Web, and because many of the activities are fun and people are still using them. For current Project Dragonfly work, go


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Dragonfly Quest


As a Dragonfly Quest Club member, I pledge to:

  1. Observe the world with all my senses and my mind.
  2. Never be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Be imaginative in my search for answers.
  4. Listen to what others have to say.
  5. Help other Club members in their investigations.
  6. Share our discoveries with others.
  7. Appreciate and protect the wonders of the Earth's lands, waters, and sky.

Have fun investigating your questions with Dragonfly Quest!

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