Eiffel Tower

Photo courtesy of The Paris Pages  

Congratulations!  You made it to the Eiffel Tower using the shortest, straightest route.  Unfortunately it seems that your group is nowhere to be found here.  You ask one of the tour guides for the Eiffel Tower if they may have seen your group.  The guide says, "Oui, I did see them.  In fact I gave them a tour of the Tower.  I believe they said they were heading to the Cafe de Flore for lunch.  I believe the cafe is located near the intersection of Blvd. St Germain and the Rue de Rennes."  You thank the tour guide for their help and look at the Paris Map to find out how to get to the cafe using the quickest route.  The guide tells you that   Again, you need to determine the shortest route to the Cafe de Flore in hopes of catching up to the group.  Is the shortest route:

Head East along the Seine, then turn left at the fourth bridge,
then head towards the Place de la Concorde,

Southeast on Avenue de Suffren, Northeast on Ave. De La Motte-Poquat,
then North on Boul. De La Tour Maubourg, turning right to walk East along the Seine,
Then heading Southeast on the Blvd St. Germain, or

Southeast the Avenue De La Bourdonnais to the Hotel des Invalides,
then right on the Boulevard Des Invalides, taking the first left heading East,
then left on the Rue de Rennes?

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