Wolf Pup

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Wolf Pup

Click on the wolf pup to hear wolf puppy vocalizations

Note: the sound file is in .wav format.

Here is a true story about wolf pups and their mother from a book by Barry Holstun Lopez called Of Wolves and Men.

A female wolf left four or five pups alone in a rendezvous area in the Brooks Range one morning and set off down a trail away from them. When she was well out of sight, she turned around and lay flat in the path, watching her back trail. After a few moments, a pup who had left the rendezvous area trotted briskly over a rise in the trail and came face to face with her. She gave a low bark. He stopped short, looked about as though preoccupied with something else, then, with a dissembling air, began to edge back the way he had come. His mother escorted him back to the rendezvous site and departed again. This time she didn't bother watching her back trail. Apparently, the lesson had taken, for all the pups stayed put until she returned that evening.

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