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The Great Dragonfly Challenge:
Animal Communication

Winnifred Bolinsky's fifth-grade class is investigating how animals communicate. They researched the topic and found out that animals communicate to find food, avoid danger, attract mates, and raise their young.

They found several ways that animals use to signal: by sound or vibration, sight, scent, and touch. They wanted to investigate how dogs communicate with their owners, so they took a survey of the class.

Their results show that most dogs sit by the door and bark or cry when they went to go outside. When they are hungry, dogs sit by their food bowls. Often when dogs want to play, they bark and run around. Some of them hide or lie down to let their owners know when they are sad.

The class would like to know more about how dogs as well as other pets communicate with their owners. Since their sample size was small, they would like to collect more information. They would like anyone who has pets to fill out their survey and then they can see if pets around the country communicate in the same ways.

The results will be published in a future issue of Dragonfly!

Click on the wolf's head to fill out the survey!

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